CSS Typing Effect

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Did you know that you can create a typing effect with zero JavaScript?

This is specifically useful when you can't use JavaScript. Like here, on Hashnode. Enjoy!

This is a typing demo.

Are you here just for the code? No problem!

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This can be useful for all Hashnode blogs.

/CC: Francesco Ciulla, Miguel Brito, Skay, Edidiong Asikpo, Chris Bongers, Victoria Lo, Stas Klymenko

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Wow, this is awesome. Modern can't stop surprising me.

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Very interesting tip Marko Denic. Thanks for sharing.

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thanks a lot 💕

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Do you know if this is "safe" for use on phones like translation and opacity are? Or is this one of the slower animations?

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Hey Space Aardvark, this animation is quite simple and you can use it on all devices.

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This is pretty neat. Great job!

Q: How can we generalize it for text of any random length? It looks really original as


is the same as the length of the text here.

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Hey Siddharth Golchha! Thank you!

You're right, the number of steps is the number of characters. It's not possible to make this dynamic.