Use Google like a pro

Googling is one of the most important skills for every developer.

Let me show you how to get better at Googling.

Let's start!

1 . Use quotes to force an exact-match search:

"what is javascript"


2 . AND operator will return only results related to both terms:

html AND css


3 . You can use the OR operator to get the results related to one of the search terms

(javascript OR python) free course


4 . - operator will exclude results that contain a term or phrase:

javascript -css


5 . You can use the (*) wildcards as placeholders, which will be replaced by any word or phrase.

"how to start * in 6 months"


6 . Search inside a single website:


7 . You can also use a very useful feature that helps to find a specific file type.

filetype:pdf learn css


8 . Search for a range of numbers:

ecmascript 2016..2018


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Exactly what I need, thanks Marko Denic

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Thanks... Can't wait to explore.

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Glad you liked it.

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Pretty useful tips, thanks a lot mate.

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Thanks a lot, Srdjan!


Wow, this is actually very useful! thank you for sharing 😃

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Valuable & Concise. Nicely done 💯

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Some useful ones in here. Thanks for sharing Marko!

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Glad you liked it, Wez.

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Awesome! I don't think there is a developer who has not used googling for research and debugging problems.

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Wow! These are fantastic tips, Marko Denic.

I've got all the resources to start googling like a pro!

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A guide to google, Thanks for writing. it's really helpful to improve productivity.

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Thanks for sharing these tips

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Great tips! Thanks!

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Some of these tricks I was already using and I can confirm that they are very useful. I will try the others. Thanks for sharing, Marko Denic!

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Thank you very much. Really helpful.

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This! — I've been using just the domain name and the search terms all these years — knowing that I can add site: is a game changer!

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